Sporty turbo engine, premium BRABUS Xclusive equipment line, and Race-Start function: The new smart BRABUS – available as a fortwo, fortwo cabrio, or forfour – is the most powerful standard smart.

Size isn’t a question of dimensions. And sporty handling doesn’t depend on huge engines. More often than not, it’s all about the overall package. And how long it takes a chassis to cover a predefined distance.

According to this physical definition, smart already claims pole position: In the city, no other model turns, parks or maneuvers faster. Now, the new smart BRABUS extends this lead even further – it is the most powerful current generation smart, available as a fortwo, fortwo cabrio, and forfour.

Making the most of its 0.9 l displacement, the smart BRABUS achieves an impressive 80 kW (109 hp) and a maximum torque of 170 Nm. Compared to its previous incarnation, the regular smart BRABUS fortwo boasts increases in rated power and maximum torque by 5 kW and 23 Nm, respectively. The resulting drive is correspondingly sporty, with the smart BRABUS fortwo and fortwo cabrio accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds – going all the way up to 165 km/h – while the smart BRABUS forfour has a top speed of up to 180 km/h.

It’s all backed by engine technology infused with pit lane adrenaline: The BRABUS engineers raised fuel pressure by 2 bar, optimized the air supply to the turbo 3-cylinder engine, and also fine-tuned the BRABUS sport exhaust system’s back-pressure.

smart BRABUS fortwo cabrio black
0-100 km/h in just 9.5 seconds: the new smart BRABUS fortwo cabrio.
smart brabus fortwo cabrio
smart BRABUS fortwo

Exclusive look and premium configuration

This new power is matched by an exceptionally elegant design: All smart BRABUS models feature BRABUS seats with leather look-fabric-mix upholstery, a BRABUS handbrake handle, a leather BRABUS gear knob with special stitching, sports pedals, and a BRABUS combination instrument with a 3.5 inch display.

While the smart BRABUS fortwo cabrio welcomes the sunny rays, the forfour and fortwo cabrio come with an inbuilt panoramic roof.

And since many will only catch a quick glimpse of the rear of the swift smart BRABUS models, the design adds some striking accents like a matt grey rear diffuser insert and a multi-flow sports exhaust system with chrome-look tailpipe trims.

All smart BRABUS models leave the line with gray, high-sheen, and matt-painted BRABUS Monoblock IX light-alloy wheels plus a lockable glove compartment, the Cool & Audio package, and proximity warning as standard.

The even more exclusive premium line smart BRABUS Xclusive also boasts BRABUS sport seats in black leather with detailed grey topstitching and perforated nappa leather inserts, a BRABUS instrument panel covered in fabric and leatherette, an additional BRABUS dashboard instrument with cockpit clock and rev counter, a BRABUS multi-function sport steering wheel with nappa leather three-spoke design as well as matching BRABUS floor mats.

Race Start function for the perfect getaway

“Go” really means “go” in the smart BRABUS – the twinamic 6-speed dual-clutch transmission with up to 40 percent faster response and shorter-legged ratios gets you going straight away.

To up the ante even further, the model also comes with a dedicated Race-Start function, which automatically sets the optimal rpm and clutch slip for maximum acceleration from rest. To use this motorsport-inspired technology, the driver simply releases the break after previously depressing it and flooring the accelerator.

At the same time, the new smart BRABUS models ensure great handling not only on straights, but also in curves thanks to a 20 percent firmer springing/dampening of the BRABUS Performance sports suspension (compared to the BRABUS sports suspension). The ESP also received a special sport setting.

And then there’s the markedly improved sports-tuned Direct-Steer system, which provides even stronger feedback for best possible communication between driver and vehicle.

brabus cabrio with woman
A sleek rear view thanks to the matt grey rear diffuser insert and an apron in the body’s own panel color.

The road to happiness

Our first impression: With their unbridled power, the smart BRABUS models (available for sale since July 2016) truly exceed themselves. And we’re not sure: Is it an unfair competitive advantage that it can now whip around its unique turning circle of <7 meters even faster?

Some already call the results of the BRABUS treatment of the smart fortwo, fortwo cabrio and forfour small urban athletes. Well, the jury’s still out on this one, in line with the maxim that it’s the path, including the one to enlightenment, that counts. The smart BRABUS models will certainly take you there in style. At any speed.


Brabus xclusive in white, red and black
The new smart BRABUS models are available in fortwo, forfour, and fortwo cabrio editions.